Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I have been absolutely wide awake since about 2:30. In my mind I have designed a roof for the old rusty container that we are turning into an outdoor kitchen. I have also analyzed episodes of "That 70's Show" from who uses Wisconsin accents to the character development of Donna. I also mentally worked on how to get my water collection system going on the new container house.

It was a busy morning in my head. 3:15, I got up and checked our outside firepit, added a log, and continued my walk to the little girls' room. I crawled back into bed but stayed absolutely wide awake until about 4AM when I decided to try and lie down on the built in sofa on the other end of the container house from our bed. About 4:30, Anne came to see if I was OK and suggested I go ahead and go to the cabin and write or something. And so, I did. She sent me a text about 6AM to see if I wanted any coffee. I returned to our bed to enjoy our morning coffee and finished reading our latest book choice.

It's now almost 9AM and I beginning to feel tired, but I have things to do. Making breakfast is first on my agenda.

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