Tuesday, February 06, 2018


Our mornings usually go like this:
7:30 I press the button that starts the percolator coffee pot.
7:39 Abby pours half n half into my own coffee cup and pours two cups of coffee. I carefully pass the black coffee across Anne and set it on her shelf beside the bed.
8:00 We decide what to read and who will read it. The other person draws or colors a picture.
9:30 We gather our things including the percolator and take ourselves to the cabin where we have a fully functioning kitchen.
9:35 Eat breakfast - today I made avocado toast on sour dough bread with a little bit of crumbled goat cheese on top.
10:00 Anybody's guess!

This morning, we are writing, which feels great. The last couple of days, we have been trying to make some plans and reservations for our Alaska trip. That part of trip planning is exhausting to me. Some mornings, we take advantage of good weather and immediately go outside to trim trees, mow, burn brush, or some other outdoor project.

This morning, the dog is snoring on the couch, the cat is in his "homeless cat chair" on the front porch, I am at the kitchen table, and Anne is at her desk. Both humans typing away and occasionally getting up from our computers for a break, a hug, or a comment. Macy snores more and more these days. Stoli looks rejected and homeless curled up in his chair on the front porch. The morning is foggy with no promise of much sun. Writing is the perfect thing to do.

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