Sunday, February 04, 2018

Perfect Sand Dollar

This is the Sand Dollar I found on the beach in San Diego. It's perfect! I wrapped it in a towel and wrapped tape around the towel hoping I would make it all the way home with my fragile treasure. And I did make it home with my treasure unharmed.

I don't usually collect things like this because, really, what do you do with it now? Set it on a shelf to collect dust? Hope the cat won't knock it off the shelf and break this treasure that you might forget where you even got it? Seems like a lot of trouble and work to care for shells and rocks that we humans gather on the trails in our travels... yet, every now and then, something so perfect presents itself, and I have to bring it home.

My precious is sitting on a high shelf with some of my other fragile trinkets from over the years.

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