Thursday, February 01, 2018

Rhubarb Shags

For those who think I have stopped doing any music at all, here is a post to let you know I'm singing and playing with lots of love and joy!

This is the second time I have played with Richard Kean, bagpiper, Scott Jernigan, fellow zouk playing singer, and Joachim Zwick, fiddler as "The Rhubarb Shags," a name that was thrown out with a laugh and stuck. We did this same Burns Supper a couple of years ago and were called on to perform again. From the sounds of things, likely to be called on next year too!

A Burns Supper of Burns Night is a celebration of Robert Burns' life as a prolific Scottish poet in the second half of the 1700's. He was a lady's man who fathered many children by several women and his poetry for many a woman shows a sincere adoration for all of them.

Today, we gathered to refresh our minds, make sure our notes on things were correct, and see if any adjustments should be made to the music or schedule. Things went well and we expect to have a grand time tomorrow at this fun gig.

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