Monday, February 05, 2018

Trying to catch up

I have a list of the days to write and catch up, things that happened and things I want to write about on boring days. I finally got a good amount of time to write today and I'm feeling totally overwhelmed, tired, maybe even physically ill... I'm NOT ill, but my brain seems to be rebelling from my mission. I keep wandering in thought and activities. Maybe I can write inside, on the couch... hmmmm... maybe snuggled in bed would be better... hmmmmmm... maybe the back porch. I can't seem to settle, and until I settle, it will be impossible to catch up all of those days. I'm not even trying to do my best writing, just get the basics down and hopefully have some groundwork done for future edits and ideas. My shoulders ache, my neck creaks, I'm thirsty, I'm fidgety, but tired, I'm cold... Sigh. None of those "complaints" are even seriously real. When others pull this "not in the mood" crap, I get annoyed, but let's face it, it happens to us all. Instead of running away today, I am making a post out of it. I'm hoping that by giving voice to this ridiculous collection of excuses to not do what I should be doing, I will get it out of my system and then be able to get back to work. I think it's working. I just thought of the real thing I wanted to write about for today...

We reserved all of the camp spots from home up to Calgary, Canada which is the first portion of the Alaska journey. Reserving five places in four states took about 4 hours. It was exhausting. One place does not have showers but does have electric sites, another has no electric but great showers according to reviews. The other three have electricity and showers which makes life a whole lot easier! One place we wanted was booked up but that lead to finding something that might turn out to be even better. Maybe that is why I feel so out of sorts today. Planning is not easy... but it's done!

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