Wednesday, March 28, 2018


My trips to Austin are so filled with errands that I am left with little to no time to work for organizing clients much less visit with friends. There are times when this is very frustrating. I want to see people. People want to see me. I want to take care of my clients, people with whome I have developed an ongoing relationship. Here's how things go...

Plan with Pat when will be good for me to bring Stoli and spend one night. I try to arrive around four which puts me at her home before rush hour traffic. She and I usually have some simple dinner of pizza or pot roast that she prepared. We catch up on all of her family news. Stoli gets used to his retreat home quickly and is soon rolling on the floor waiting to be noticed and petted.

The next morning, I wake early. If I have planned to work for a client, I try to work as early as possible. Other times, I have a list a mile long and get started at some place like the oil-change place that opens at 7.

I knock out errand after errand. It is then time to drive home, tired, in the middle of a weekday. No one is available for a 3PM happy hour on a Wednesday and I want to get out of toem before traffic gets crazy again.

I feel satisfied that I got so much done, but I do miss friends. I do miss clients. It's just hard splitting time away from home when there are also things to be done at home.

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