Saturday, March 03, 2018


Imagine for a moment that you make a living in the world of personal training, both physical and lifestyle. You help people become healthier with workouts and nutritional advice. You are also literally paid to hear people's excuses and call them on their bullshit and help them achieve goals that they are too "stuck" to manage on their own.

You hear daily from your clients:

  • I don't feel like it. I'm not inspired. I haven't felt like it for months. The weather is all wrong and I have a hundred other things to do.
  • Now, I want to, but I can't. The cat is playfully distracting, and the dog won't stop scratching. I can't focus with all the distractions.
  • Even though it seems like a good idea, if someone suggests something, I don't want to do it. It's a rainy day, a great day to tackle the goal, but the TV is so easy to click!

And when they say these things, you call this "bullshit" straight to their faces. You're paid and trained and experienced enough to know excuses even when they are much more gossamer than these. You know that you can't force them to do anything, but you can certainly point out the problems or the fact that there really ISN'T a problem, and if they want to shift their thinking, you are there to aid them in a healthier more productive life.

You pride yourself in setting an example by doing all the amazing things and achieving every goal you set forth for yourself. You pride yourself in looking at the positive and knowing an excuse when you are within fifty miles of it even in yourself.

And then one day, someone calls you out on the exact above list of excuses. You've been saying these things for months, but the person who calls you out has mostly quietly listened and not pushed you in any way knowing that you are the aforementioned personal trainer, we all need down days, and you will find your way through this. That is, until you go on a 30 minute rant that started as a reply to the question "how are you feeling?" You rant for 30 minutes claiming all manner of "can't"s. The EXACT "can't"s listed above. The exact "can't"s that drive you nuts about your own clients. This time, you are being called out. What do you do?

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