Sunday, March 04, 2018

Mailbox Surprise

The mailbox is 4/10 of a mile from the gate. We like to take a walk to the mailbox because it makes us feel like we did some exercise. It's not that we don't get enough exercise with the mowing and the trimming trees and the other miscellaneous property maintenance we do, but this walk is intentional and sort of a cool down from all the other crazy activities. There is no other reason to take this walk. Typically, we get absolutely no mail and if there is some scrap, it's addressed to "the current resident" and therefore extremely important fire-starting material.

Usually we take the dog on a leash, but we decided to start walking without even telling the dog we were leaving. She has a hole-in-the-door type doggy door, and before we were even out of the yard, she was running along side of us making sure we noticed that we had indeed forgotten her. We decided to carry on without the leash. She usually sticks very close and follows directions when we address her. There is a cattle guard at the end of the road. This would stop her if nothing else did.

Macy stayed fairly close and the three of us had a lovely walk. When we came to the cattle guard, Macy stopped as instructed, but then carefully stepped one paw per metal pole until she safely made it to the other side. We had no idea she could or would do that. We laughed and instructed her to stay close to Anne while I went the remaining 20 feet to the mailbox that is on the Farm to Market road with a speed limit of 60. People generally follow that speed limit give or take 20 miles per hour.

I pulled out two pieces of mail. Neither were addressed to "the resident." One was from Lavaca County, the county in which we live. One was a post card addressed to "Anne and Abby." The postcard was delightful. A friend of our simply wrote, "I love you! That is all!" Haha! "Awwwww! That's fantastic!" is all we have to say!

The other, which I carefully opened, was a refund check for an overpayment of property taxes. When I saw the amount, I thought this couldn't be correct, but the idea of getting random money in the mail sure is lovely. We pay next to nothing out here for property taxes. The check was for about 80% of what I paid. What an adorably delightful mystery!

When we made it home, I was way too intrigued about the check to drop the subject. I got online and looked up my property tax information. This lead to looking at the tax CAD map to see who owned the properties around mine. In the end, I am quite sure there is some mistake. None of the dollar amounts on the form matched the dollar amounts on my tax records. I'll give them a call on Monday.

Still, what a wonderful day for mail!

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