Friday, March 30, 2018

On the Road

We woke at 5:51AM. Anne pressed the coffee button which is like hitting the snooze button - the coffee takes 9 minutes to percolate. At 6AM, we sat in bed sipping our coffee and waking up like two spoiled civilized ladies of leisure. 6:20 was our planned "get-out-of-bed" time, but Anne proclaimed the excuse, "it's still dark," so we lingered a while longer. The irony of this is that she was formerly in favor of waking up and getting a move on our day much earlier than the finally agreed to 5:51.

We left this morning at 7:30AM with a first destination, other than gas stations, of Rose City Draft House in Tyler, TX. We arrived just before they opened at 1PM. This gave us time to walk the dog and stretch our own legs.

The place was nice and well decorated and had more than enough taps with a wide variety of beers. It felt a bit like a college town bar. We were the only patrons the whole time we were there. No food is served here, but you can bring your own food, including the pizza or Asian food restaurant's offerings next door.

On we went and arrived at Millwood State Park just before the office closed. The staff members were super nice and we made it to our site easily. We decided to set up our screen room with our lawnchairs and table because it seems like there are a few evening mosquitoes and there are two concrete pads at our campsite - why not use one?

The bathrooms are a little far - we do not have facilities in our own camper - but the bathroom/shower rooms are each individual and spotless. The lake and tall pine trees create a lovely scene... g'night!

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