Thursday, March 08, 2018

Reporting from the "Piece of Junk"

I am sitting on the back porch now known as "the veranda." Example: "Where shall we eat this evening? The veranda is such a lovely place to eat." It is lovely, but it is much more red-neck than what any definition of "veranda" would allow. We figure our own classiness balances everything out.

I just finished grinding the rust off of the inside ceiling from HALF of the"Piece of Junk." Half to go, but my arms can't take any more! Anne is doing the same section from above... She's still up on top of the Piece of Junk because, of course, the exterior of the roof is much worse that the interior. She is scraping and brushing and scraping some more. It sounds horrifying, but I'll keep my complaints quiet as I would hate for her to stop! Still, I stay outside nearby for safety sake.

The Piece of Junk is a standard sized shipping container, that is, 40 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall. This container was here on the property when I bought the place. It was FUUUUUUUULL of stuff. Do you have any idea how much stuff one can store in a standard container? It took many years, many Craigslist ad listings, and much gnashing of teeth to empty the thing... I can neither confirm nor deny the accusation that many things were thrown in the fire. From the start, I hated the Piece of Junk. It was rusty on top and the water that came in soaked into the floor and rotted big chunks. Also, the location is really not ideal. It's under a power-line (big no-no especially for something made entirely of metal) and it blocks the view of a good deal of property from the veranda.

I tried for two years to give away the Piece of Junk, but there are trees boxing it in pretty tight. Honestly, I have no idea how they rested it here... although I can picture 6 country boys with tractors and other assorted machinery, a cooler full of beer, and lots of standing around pondering what to do next until "Hold my beer and watch this." TA-DA! The Piece of Junk found its current home.

The plan is to clean and preserve what is left of the metal shell. We stripped the floor out, and we are now almost halfway through with the roof. We will lay floor with a deck-like construction so that any leaks can drain through the deck floor. I have two doors planned - one large one for the kitchen, and an even bigger one for the garage. The kitchen will be about 12 feet of the 40 and the large door will open into the veranda area where there is also a fire pit. The garage door will open toward the pasture and will house my entire garage stuff freeing up what is now the garage area to become a better place to house the Eggcellence Camper. Eventually, we may cover the Piece of Junk with its own transparent roof embracing the holes up there as "sky-lights."

It's a big project, but if I keep the total expenses fairly low, which is always my project plan, it will be worth it. Most of the investment will be muscle power. When we finish, we may grant this monster a kinder name. Until then, Piece of Junk stands.

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