Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time-Share Cat

I am so lucky. I have a dear friend who takes Stoli anytime I leave town. She has taken him for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. She took care of him during the winter trip this year and is planning to care for him for the entire summer. Because she cares for him so much, we call him a time-share cat. It's more than just caring for him, he's at his vacation home.

Today, I brought Stoli to his Auntie Pat's. He's been here frequently enough that he gets used to the place in about 15 minutes. There is the regular routine perimeter check, and then, he's ready for a toy or some scritches.

All of this sounds blissful, doesn't it? Yeah, tell that to Stoli. He is the biggest POUTER I have ever seen. It doesn't matter is I am hauling to Pat's or back home, he does not want to GO anywhere. And so, he POUTS. He slinks down into a low spot and barely lifts his eyes as he whispers a meow. When you go to pick him up to laod him into the carrier, he lets all 16 pounds of his fluffy kitty body go entirely limp. It's pathetic. He used to scream the entire drive. That's 2 and a half hours of cat-wailing. Luckily, he only pouts these days and rides quietly in his saddest looking position.

We arrived safely. This pouting session is now concluded.

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