Friday, March 09, 2018

Work Ethic

Being self-employed, there is no boss or list of things to do from anyone above nor are there employees to whom I may pass along tasks. I'm on my own. I have been self-employed in one manner or another for nearly 20 years. I make lists that push me toward career related goals. I also do this with the property I bought five years ago.

This property is a form of career. It is certainly an investment. As I improve it, I have something to sell if I decide that a new home would be better. I have rented one of the cabins for a little extra income. The thing about the property is that the to-do list is infinite and directly visible everywhere I look.

People come to help with certain big projects. My parents have helped. Anne works constantly. I have been working at grinding rust off the ceiling of the old container all day and came to a very good stopping place. I am due to begin making pizza dough in about 30 minutes. I am taking this time to do my daily writing. It's hard to walk away from the project while Anne continues working. I feel like a slacker taking advantage of others. That goes for any time anyone is here helping. I can't stop if they are doing anything.

This got me into serious trouble when my parents came to help a year and a half ago. My dad can work like a man half his age who does construction for a living! We decided to bury a sewage line and since we were doing that, we decided to go ahead and bury the new electric lines in preparation for the electrician powering up my new container house. I worked until I literally cried. And then I went back and tried to work some more.

No one has ever tried to make me feel guilty, but this is my home, a home I have literally built with my own hands. I don't want others laboring for my exclusive benefit while I hang out in the hammock eating bonbons. Paid help is different, of course. But even then, out here, I don't think I've let any paid person do anything without my assistance. There are always questions and location issues. I helped the truck driver position and place my new container, physically moving blocks and then his own truck levers while he did other things on the truck.

Hopefully, my pizza making skills will let Anne know how much appreciate her hard work today and always.

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