Friday, April 27, 2018

Alaska proofing

You know how young parents kid-proof their home, making the place indestructible and safe for their new baby? I'm doing a similar thing to the camper for our trip to Alaska.

Everything that has bothered us over our travels so far is being fixed - a box under the sink for miscellaneous appliances, a wall under the sink so that things do not slide to where you can't reach them, a place for garbage and doggy poo bags.

I am also prepping for the colder times, specifically for the dog. Her space is a large cavern under the bed. It gets cold on a floor with no insulation against the back wall that is also un-insulated. I blocked off about a foot of space with foam board insulation and made a foam mattress for her floor that snuggles a water and food bowl holder. Her space is now warm and secure.

Finally, The sun doesn't really set in Alaska during the summer. I made velcro tabs for our curtains to securely black out light. I also made covers for the two skylights and the window in the door. A trip is no good if you can't get any sleep!

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