Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Fool's Day

Can't help it if Easter and April Fool's Day fall on the same day - Happy Easter Fool's Day! We took a Sunday drive since we had already done the one hike we could do. There were several streets and "towns" that seemed worthy of a quick drive.

Jacks Isle turned out to be a tiny community with absolutely zero shops or restaurants.

In Ogden, population 180, we were intigued by the sign that said "business district." We found a closed shop and a volunteer fire department. That was it.

Yarborough Landing had a restaurant that had good reviews online. It was closed on Sunday.

Finally, we drove through Ashdown, the town closest to the park. It is a large enough town with a Domtar plant. The place smells like fertilizer or fire ant killer. I looked up Domtar. It claims to be a sustainable paper mill. There are certainly enough logging trucks driving around the area to give credance to the paper-mill idea. But, heavens, do paper mills really smell that bad?

As we finished up our Sunday drive, I was going to get some gas in Ashdown. The card readers at two places did not work. Fine. We need to come to town tomorrow to get more food anyway.

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