Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Hot Springs

Today, we drive. We've mapped out two stops - one in Hot Springs, Arkansas and the other close to our next camp in Jackson, Tennessee.

Hot Springs is beautiful. We arrived before the brewery opened. With the trailer, I have to scout a place to park, and we did so down a side street. We walked the main road and through part of the park where you can see one hot spring reserved for squirrels as humans could not reach it. The squirrels appeared content and relaxed, so I suppose the therapeutic properties of the springs were doing their job. Superior Bathhouse is now home to a brewery. Anne liked their Juicy O the best and I enjoyed my Foul Play Stout as well as a big fluffy fresh baked pretzel served with three delicious dipping sauces.

We drove through the national park campground for the use of their bathrooms, if you must know. The place was clean and full of friendly looking retirees. We might have to check it out later, but patience may be in order - the place looked fully booked up.

The drive to Jackson, TN was mostly uneventful. Rock n Dough was our destination with both brewery and pizza. Pizza was great and so were the beers. Our waitress was rather young and seemed unimpressed with her job, but she managed.

We arrived to our campsite in pouring rain. We decided to crack open a beer and wait for a break before getting out and setting up the trailer. After just one sip, the rain stopped long enough to unhook the camper... Whew.

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