Thursday, April 05, 2018

Mexican't Food

I know better than to expect much out of a "Mexican" food restaurant east or north of Texas, but I get hungry for the food of my Texas home made by the people that feed Texas... Texans, by and large, would starve without Mexicans.

We ventured into town after a three mile hike. We ran in to WalMart for any long sleeved shirt that might be on sale. The we ran into the Food Giant which had all sorts of local foods that we do not see in the usual Texas market. By this time, I was ready for a small lunch. There was a Mexican food place that had cars in its lot for lunch and it looked well established. Luckily, there was beer, but that was where the lucky ended. We ordered a small nacho... I ate it because I eat everything, but it was not very good. Oh well... I knew better.

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