Monday, April 02, 2018


It's colder now and into the forecast than I had planned. A trip to the local Wal-Mart is the best we can do to make up for my lack of long sleeves and pants. Anne has the same problem. She took my advice and had agreed based on her forecast watching. Oh, well. Long sleeves should be on sale by now... and luckily they were.

On our way home from our shopping trip, we stopped at a place called Hooked Up. The boast bait and burgers. That's pretty much it. It was worth the stop. We ordered. The woman made the burgers, handed them to us. When I tried to pay, she said to wait until we finished our meal. They were simple, real, good sized burgers with the normal fresh fixings.

We tried to take the one remaining hike in this park. It had been under water when we arrived. It's been a couple of days with no rian. Sadly, it was better, but not THAT much better, and of course, the mosquitoes were way worse. We retreated. After leisurely packing up our outdoor things, we enjoyed some more of our book and decided where we would stop en route tomorrow.

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