Friday, April 06, 2018

Worth Buying

I have this thing where I must make large purchases "worth it." Campers are particular pet peeves of mine. People, too often, buy them planning to travel only to end up sitting and rotting (the camper, not the people).

This Egg Camper is the most expensive camper I have ever purchased. It needed no real work, just customization. It is the right size and the condition was great. Now, I have to make it worth it!

I have a journal where I enter the places we camp, how many days that makes in total for this camper, info about the park and our site if we should ever choose to return. In the corner with how many days we have camped, I divide the price I paid by the number of nights. So far we are at $300 per night by my calculation. Plus the cost of the campsite...

My goal is to bring that cost per night down to $20. If we do that, this camper did its worth! Even at $30 per night for the campsite fee, $50 per night is cheaper than one would pay to stay nearly anywhere with the added advantage that you have all your own things clean and tidy where you like them.

We have a few more nights to go... but I'm thinking, by the end of the Alaska tour, we will be much closer... all in its first year of travel!

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