Wednesday, May 02, 2018


This year, Anne turns fifty. We will be in Alaska on the road for her actual birthday. I wanted to do something special just for her.

I knew we would be in Austin for one day together... this day was yesterday. Last week, I planned her first ukulele lesson. I purchased a uke and all the trimmings and had them shipped to Austin. I took my own Great-grandfather's uke to Austin when I went to pick up Stoli.

The wonderful woman who bought my singing telegram business years ago also does ukulele classes and lessons. I met with her and arranged the time... all set.

I'm horrible with surprises. I want to tell the recipient what an awesome thing is coming up, but I managed to control myself. I told her we needed to pick up some photos for me to scan - I do that all the time. I asked if she would mind coming with me to help carry the albums and boxes of photos. She didn't suspect a thing until Mardi answered the door playing a birthday song with her ukulele.

It was the perfect gift. She's been talking about learning since she moved out here and I've been trying to find a convenient time to meet up with Mardi. A surprise like this was overdue... and I think she really really liked it. Prepare for some song-writing genius in the near future!!

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