Monday, May 07, 2018

Electrical Saga

Well, that change that was made that I did not approve of... that change I called hideous... It got worse. I glanced over and saw ANOTHER electrical box has been added about 6 inches above the hideous one. So now there are two electrical boxes in full view for absolutely NO REASON. I need a single outlet up in the eve for my porch lights. The end. WTF.

We just got home from the hardware store. I picked up a few plumbing things and he ran through a list of little electrical things... Then, he asked the shop lady if she had fluorescent lights. We had all discussed that we did not want to do fluorescents... for several reasons. Number one reason: There is no water shielding roof for installation. Other reasons include: I HATE THEM, they buzz and give me a headache... The bulbs are long and difficult to dispose of when they die. But forget the reasons. WE TALKED about this and the home owners said NO. And he is insisting on it anyway.

So, I guess even if he had asked about my precious outlet and I had said "no," there is a good chance he would have done it anyway.

If he doesn't finish the job soon, I fear my gratitude is going to be overpowered by the frustration. I have to make sure I keep the parts I need to redo my precious porch outlet. As soon as they drive out the gate, I am changing that back. Anne can keep her kitchen the way he creates it, but my porch was wired exactly how I wanted it and it will return to my way! I just can't believe it's worse.... I paid money to have someone set it where it was. No discussion, he just changed it. Who does that?

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