Saturday, May 05, 2018

Help is...

People give their time and materials to my projects all the time. I always try to utilize their skills and time and effort as efficiently as possible. I also volunteer my skills and it is incredibly frustrating to show up to help and find that the person is too proud to use my skills or too disorganized to know what to do with me. I don't mind volunteering... but don't waste my time. In this way, I try to do unto others. I also believe that if a person has different skills than I do, it's usually best if I get out of the way and only assist when they actually need me to. I have a plan drawn up, the skilled person gets this in advance, and we talk about any safety or other considerations or suggestions they have for making things better. I often take bits of advice and/or volley back ideas as to why I designed a thing the way I did. This usually clears up any potential problems.

Today, I am being challenged just a tiny bit. It is absolutely imperative that I focus on my gratitude toward the work being done. When it is finished, however it is finished, it will be nothing less than a specific workman's ART project. I go for simplicity and efficiency. This individual goes for artist points... That's just how I'm going to accept this. Art.

We are reading a book in which two characters are writing during war time. The soon-to-be-soldier confesses to being scared. The girl-at-home fills pages of "I didn't say...." and "I didn't say..." and "furthermore, I didn't say..."

We... *I* need to always find the balance between standing up for myself and saying what actually needs to be said. I could say, "I had that outlet placed there by a professional who I PAID just a year ago. I dreamed of that specific outlet since the time I moved here and it has been PERFECT - hidden up in the eve so that I can plug in my porch lights. WHY did you lower it 2 feet so that now everyone can see it and also where it has to have a SCRAP of wood behind it to further point out its hideous presence?!?!  IT WAS FINE like it was." I could say, "You changed something outside of the kitchen, which was the location of the job, without asking? You know what I need better than I do, I guess. And... you're wrong." I could say, "Put it BACK!" But I'm not going to. I will probably move it back when he leaves because it is exactly that maddening and seriously hideous, but I won't say anything.

I will focus on the other work he is doing and be grateful when we flip the final switch that it all turns on and ta-da! And I am genuinely, truly grateful for the expertise and help in an area I don't feel like pursuing. I'm just also a wee bit frustrated at this moment.

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