Wednesday, May 09, 2018

More evidence

I am more and more convinced that my theory is correct. We are down to the wire. The plan is to take him home tomorrow. Anne has repeatedly stated that it is important to at least get the kitchen done because I will be building and no further adjustments can be made after that. He has gotten no further. He flits box to box acting very busy.

A new piece of evidence has surfaced. I told him to leave the outlet alone that he moved. He wanted to add some sort of hardwiring above it. I said no, the one outlet is all I need, and I left it at that. Anne says he has commented that Abby doesn't seem to understand how low that outlet is... Anne finally told him, it wasn't low before you changed it. He seems to not remember the way it was and/or why he moved it.

Still Anne says he's not incapable, he's just like this.

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