Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The End

This could be the end of sanity as we know it. Anne and I are now placing bets on which one of us is going to lose her mind first.

Kidding aside, here is what I am beginning to see, believe, realize... it's a theory, but a strong one. He's in his 80's. He was an electrician early in his life. He has rewired his own home, his own organs (the musical kind), etc. He has a capable background. I think he is forgetting his overall plan, possibly confusing himself, redoing things... I'm honestly not sure he can finish this job.

The job itself is one straight line: electrical entry point with on/off switch, 3 feet up (near the ceiling) one outlet, 5 feet over one outlet, at this point there is a three feet down outlet and a continue near the ceiling ten feet to another outlet, continue another five feet to another outlet, drop 3 feet to a final outlet. THAT is IT. It's been a week. Wires are sticking out of every box. He goes from box to box to box like a hummingbird fussing over or changing or banging something.... and the next day, the same thing. His plan includes placing some switches beside some outlets (Anne and I don't care if those are there or not... actually prefer not, but it won't hurt anything.)

He doesn't want to leave until he finishes the job. We leave for Alaska in two weeks and two days. We need time to prep and this outdoor kitchen is just a side project. We are starting to feel pressure, but I have absolutely no idea how to assist in making his plan, which is ALL in his own mind, come to completion. He has spent from 9AM to 4PM working on this project every single day.

Our time is running out, causing stress... his lack of progress is causing stress... and his choices to do exactly what we specifically objected is causing stress... And if I'm right, his ability to complete this project is an indication of greater concerns, causing stress.

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