Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bird feeder

I made some bird feeders! I used a bunch of left over materials.

First, choose a length of 3 inch or so PVC. Spray paint it the color you want or the color you have. PVC deteriorates in the sun. Cut a couple inch piece off a 2x4 - this will carry the chain up through the middle of your PVC so that it doesn't tip over. Drill a hole in the middle of a melamine plate big enough for an eye-bolt to pass. Cut a couple of pieces of wire... anything will do. Drill a hole in the middle of your wire, or if it's bare wire, from a circle in the middle. Pass eye bolt through the wire and then down through the plate. If your eye-bolt has a corresponding bolt, make sure you have a washer and attach the bolt through the plate, eye side up. If your eye-bolt is just a screw bottom, take a piece of wood and attach it under the plate as if it was your bolt (that's what that white piece of wood in the photo is).  Bend a license plate to become the roof and drill a hole in the middle big enough for the chain to pass through easily.

 Now, time to assemble. Attach the chain to the eye bolt. Send the chain through the PVC pipe. Send the chain through the piece of 2X4. Screw the 2X4 to the top part of the PVC. You may need to pilot hole and then send in the screw so that you don't split the small piece of 2X4. Send the chain through the license plate. Hold it up and hang it!
The PVC should sit down on the wire allowing a bit of space for the bird seed to fall on the plate. Birds will perch on the wire or the edge of the plate. Lift the license plate and carefully pour seed in. The first few seeds might slip over the edge of the plate because gravity is fun like that, but you'll get the hang of it and the birds will love you!

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