Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Container Kitchen Complete!

In the right hand margin of this blog, there are a list of labels. I encourage you to click the "Container House" label to see all of the posts showing the container as it progressed.

This container was an annoying eyesore from the day I moved onto the property. I tried to give it away, but it is wedged between powerlines and mature oak trees. It would not be easy to remove. The roof was hole-y and rusty which in turn rotted large portions of the floor.

Anne pulled the rotted floor out. She also scrubbed and scraped the rust from the roof. I designed a deck style floor so that water could pass through the floor rather than collect and rot. We installed this new floor the very day it arrived from Lowe's. I primed and painted the roof with a serious coating of paint sealer. I got to use my Wal-Mart sale sprayer to spray the interior and the exterior of this metal box. I bought it for $65 to spray the container house and it did a great job! I never expected to be able to use it again, but I guess I cleaned it well and on it sprays. Anne and I moved the garage shelves that previously lived beside the cabin creating a wall between the new outdoor kitchen and my new garage. The kitchen got 16 feet, and the garage got 24 feet. The container is 8 feet wide by 40 feet long. I cut windows and doors which we lifted to make awnings over every new opening.

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