Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Crafty Woes

I love putting things together all by myself.... except when my skills aren't QUITE up to it and I can't figure something out! ARG!  I am so smart, I just know I am - how can this stupid inanimate object win like this?!?!?

Yesterday, I popped open the pop-up trailer. I take it to Texas Ren Fair so that I can sleep comfortably off the ground, and so that a fellow musician can as well. It's clean, airy, and has two full beds. At the fair, I do not have electricity. When I first got this trailer, I used it at a fair with electricity and everything except the overhead light worked fantastically. I had a fridge and two outlets available as I liked. Coffee maker, lamp, cook top, even the next door neighbor ran an extension cord from my camper to his because there were no more official outlet posts in the campground. I ran quite a bit of electricity through this baby.

Now, the fridge flat won't come on. The outlets come on for about 60 seconds before flipping the breaker to my house. I have pulled unnecessary wiring. I have checked over what exists for breaks or loose connections. I hate to think that the breaker box itself might have gone south because that's not exactly cheap, but it's just about the last possible problem.

Being crafty is all fine and good until the craft gets craftier than you!


Danny Faught said...

Replacing a single breaker isn’t difficult. Breakers with a ground fault interrupt circuit are especially prone to fail.

TheEggcellence DotCom said...

Yeah... I've done breaker replacements at least a dozen times.... and GFCIs are my enemies - out here in the buggy boonies, there are millions of reasons for them to trip and eventually commit suicide. I replaced every single fuse and breaker in the entire trailer before deciding it is the breaker panel box itself. I've seen one die before, and given the expense, I really wanted this one to live. I've now replaced that with a better situation for this particular trailer. Works better and will last much longer. Simplicity is the best answer.