Friday, September 14, 2018

I am an Entrepreneur

I am a do it yourselfer to the core. I am almost toxically independent. I am self-motivated within my own goals. All of these traits led me to entrepreneurship.... these things plus the fact that I am also very frugal.

Once upon a time, I was working at the SPCA/Humane Society in Austin, Texas. I was a clinic nurse assisting with spay and neuter surgeries as well as vaccinating and examining all incoming animals, and preparing their paperwork for adoption. One day, as I clocked in with one of those old fashioned time card stampers that make the loud KATHUNK every time someone clocks in or out, I looked over at our bulletin board. On that bulletin board was a flyer advertising the sale of a pet-sitting business. This was the very first time I had ever heard of pet sitting. It was also the very first time I heard of creating, naming, owning, and then being able to sell a service business. Business that sell goods, that's one thing, but service businesses... I guess I thought the grew like trees and just died when it was time. And maybe, they actually do.

I called the lady who was selling her business and asked many questions like, "How long did it take you to build this business?" "How long have you been in business?" "How much are you looking to sell the business for?" "How many clients do you care for in a week?" Her answers sparked my interest not in buying her business, but trying to start my own. It took 3 years to build her business to full time. She had been in business for five. She was asking $30,000 for her business. Well, if I could build my own business in three years while I worked part time somewhere else, why pay $30,000 for a list of clients who may or may not choose to hire me over someone else?

It wasn't long before the few clients I had took enough time that my schedule at the Humane Society was not compatible. I found a part time job at a vet clinic. Both the Humane Society and the vet clinic referred odd cases to me because of my medical care experience.  In one year, my business was in full swing and I let go of the part time job.

When I divorced and left Austin, I sent a letter to my clients offering a list of pet sitters I knew and trusted. I chose to begin a career in music. The process of building this business was much the same. To fill gaps in both my brain and my calendar, I began offering services as an organizer. The blending of service businesses is a great way to keep my creative music mind fresh and keep the sometimes monotonous chore of organizing from become too much of a chore.

I love entrepreneurship. I love shifting my businesses and ideas in directions that feel right to me. I like serving people of my choosing in the way I wish to contribute.

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