Monday, September 17, 2018


Alesha Yamal, Cayla Cardiff and I met singing and playing for Al Cofrin's medieval band, Istanpitta, during the Texas Renaissance Festival. The three of us found that singing together was easy and fun, and we each had our own harmony strengths to offer. Vocal harmony is one of my absolute favorite things on earth. There is something about it that reaches for the soul in a depth that harmony by any other instrument doesn't quite venture.

The three of us have rehearsed for several years as our schedules have allowed. The last two years we were able to play at the Texas Renaissance Festival under Al's umbrella of Istanpitta. Every now and then, he leaves us to our own devices and we call ourselves MISStanpitta.

We had a rehearsal yesterday. I fall in love with these voices all over again. Most of our repertoire is Medieval for the sake of the one venue we so far have done. We have a few other songs in our back pockets just waiting for the day when we have a house concert or other small venue where we can sing and play everything!

Harmony.... ahhhhhhh, my soul.

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