Friday, October 12, 2018

Christy Geis

Haven't you ever thought, "I need a t-shirt that says: Blah blah blabbedy blah." Or "Jason is ALWAYS saying XYZ... I need to get him a mug with that on it." I have your connection right here!

This week's entrepreneur is my cousin Christy! She recently went back to school and decided that a crafty entrepreneurial venture would fit better with her school demands than working for someone else on their terms. She started Christy Jean's Creations in 2016 with wreaths for all occasions and has since expanded to her description, "seasonal happiness for your home or for gifts. I make wreaths for any/all occasions, T-shirts, personalize tumblers, and I have even began to dabble in a tad bit of wood signs. I make your ideas come to life."
Wine glass tumblers!
Customized as you like it.
I asked Christy my generic series of questions and she brought up a couple of topics that artists of all types can identify with. Her favorite part of the business is "making customers happy when they receive their goodies!" But, of course! Artists love hearing, "this is even better than I imagined." Usually when a customer asks for a customized item, it is with the knowledge that they don't have quite the same level of skills or eye to do it themselves. They give the task to a creative person with the tools and the eye to do it for them. The problem comes when there is a different conception in the customer's mind or there is some element of miscommunication. Christy admits this is the worst part of artsy entrepreneurship. This is not unusual at all. I can say from personal experience that sometimes, we, the customer, have too much vision and don't trust our hired artist as much as we should. I find it works best to turn the whole idea over to the artist and let them do the job we trust them with. Christy has an eye for color and artistic balance that I think is completely trustworthy!
T-shirts for families, businesses, or one-off ideas.
One of my favorite Christy Jean projects was a series of Halloween wreaths she did. It might be a little late to order a custom Halloween wreath this year, but if you're in the northwest area of Houston and could avoid shipping, you might be able to squeeze in a request. I'll leave you with this last photo... Like her shop on Facebook and see if she can't make someone on that Christmas list of yours happy!
Wahahahaaaaaaa.... Happy Halloween!

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